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本教程是关于Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程,时长:2小时19分钟,大小:950 MB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender,作者:Gesa Pickbrenner,共23个章节,语言:英语。


You want to learn how to create jewelry with the open source 3D Creation Suite, Blender? Get to know the intricacies of jewelry rendering and 3D print preparation? Find out about techniques from jewelers and how you can emulate them in the 3D world, to create a perfect piece of jewelry?
Then this is the class you have been looking for. Be sure to also check out the resources for some cool bonus content, like the finished .blend file and the sketch!
My name is Gesa Pickbrenner, traditional goldsmith and self-taught 3D printing artist, and I will take you on a deep dive into Blender and the art of jewelry design.
The title ‘Foundations of Blender’ is no coincidence: This class was created as a jumping pad from where you can kickstart your journey into Blender. No matter if you are a hobbyist who wants to explore the possibilities of 3D printable designs with an open-source program, a jeweler who wants to get into 3D printing, or an artist who wants to learn a new technique for your arsenal – this class is meant as a resource for you to come back again and again.
You can pick and choose – whatever fits your learning goal. Are you a complete beginner? Many of the techniques are explained in-depth, so you can gradually advance from the first, basic lessons to the more advanced. Plus, you can lower the speed of the playback. Want to go faster and just find out about the special jewelry techniques? Just increase the speed and you’re good to zoom, or jump ahead into one of the later lessons where I talk more about the 3D print preparation and jewelry techniques.v

Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第1张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第2张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第3张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第4张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第5张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第6张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第7张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第8张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第9张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第10张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第11张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第12张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第13张 Blender中创建3D奢华珠宝模型视频教程 3D 第14张