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本教程是关于AE制作网飞Netflix标识Logo演绎动画视频教程,时长:1小时,大小:490 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:After Effects,附源文件,作者:Amil Neal,共7个章节,语言:英语。

After Effects是Adobe公司推出的一款图形视频处理软件,适用于从事设计和视频特技的机构,包括电视台、动画制作公司、个人后期制作工作室以及多媒体工作室。而在新兴的用户群,如网页设计师和图形设计师中,也开始有越来越多的人在使用After Effects。属于层类型后期软件。

AE全称After Effects是adobe公司开发的一个视频剪辑及设计软件。After Effects ,用于高端视频特效系统的专业特效合成软件,隶属美国Adobe公司。它借鉴了许多优秀软件的的成功之处,将视频特效合成上升到了新的高度:Photoshop中层的引入 ,使AE可以对多层的合成图像进行控制,制作出天衣无缝的合成效果; 关键帧、路径的引入,使我们对控制高级的二维动画游刃有余;高效的视频处理系统,确保了高质量视频的输出;令人眼花缭乱的特技系统使AE能实现使用者的一切创意;AE同样保留有Adobe优秀的软件相互兼容性。

Logo Animation in Minimal Style and also in 3d Style with Element 3d and Camera
What you’ll learn
2d logo animation
3d logo animation
element 3d
Minimal Logo Animation
People with A little bit understanding of After Effect basics
A working copy of Adobe After Effects (CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC or CC2015 – you can get a 30-day Trial)
A working copy of Element 3d for 3d Logo Animation
Wanting to improve yourself as a creative person or future designer
Animated logos are on the upswing, and it’s no surprise. Our eyes gravitate towards things that go: ocean waves, blazing fires, and computer screens.
I came up with a new series of Logo Animation tutorial.
This is exactly what we are going to learn!
You’ll learn how to:
• Create Professional 2d and 3d Logo animation in After Effects
• Create and control text layers, solid layers, shape layers, masks and more
• Animate keyframes to produce modern looking dynamic motion graphic
• Masking techniques to hide and reveal layers
• How to create 2d logo animation
• How to create 3d logo animation with Element 3d plugin
You have seen this type of animation on Television and Social Media Networks
All you need is after effects and element 3d on your computer.
We have tried to go into detail as much as possible.
You will learn about element 3d, how to make your 2d logo into a 3d logo, then we will add custom texture and animate the logo with camera.
This class also has important scene styling techniques and tips
How do you leverage the power of animated logos?
There’s more than 1 method of leveraging the ability of animated logos. Below are some areas where you could promote your new remarkable logo to stick out from the competitive business world.
Social media: Use GIF animated logo and compose it with a message or insert it into a movie to print on social websites for getting more engagement.
Business site: You may use the animated logo on your institution’s site for keeping your visitors’ attention and leave a favorable impression on them.
Presentations: You can incorporate animated logos to demonstrate originality to the people.
Promotions: Finally, you may use animated logos on your promotional post, sales page, and revenue videos for shooting attention and making the audiences excited to obey the message.
I also have Title Fx Animation Classes, I have tried to cover different types of Text Animations.
Who this course is for:
Motion Grapher
Video Editor

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