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本教程是摄影图像PS后期自然修饰处理视频教程,时长:3小时2 分,大小:520 MB,MP4高清格式,使用软件:Photoshop,共3个章节,语言:俄语。


The main rule of good retouching is to “make it look like it really was.” That is the best retouching is an imperceptible retouching.
The rest of the rules, in principle, does not exist. We do not have GOST standards in this matter or other generally accepted rules. The main thing is that customers are happy that she is so beautiful and RECOGNIZED herself in the photo. Often, novice photographers (like me once) have such an idea that retouching should be noticeable. For what? In order for the client to see that the photographer was WORKING and did not sleep at night in Photoshop. But reality has shown more in practice. Those customers came back who thought that they were almost not retouched, but simply the photographer catches both the light and the angle so cool that initially everything is cool and natural.
n this lesson, the experimental rabbit for retouching will be myself). I will show you this photo before and we will retouch it together and much more. I guarantee you that you will take for yourself an incredibly many interesting and effective techniques that will make your retouching faster and better!

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