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本教程是关于Revit超精细住宅建筑施工设计技术视频教程第二季,时长:超过10小时,大小:5.6 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Revit,附源文件,共50个章节,作者:Munir Hamad,语言:英语。

Revit是Autodesk公司一套系列软件的名称。Revit系列软件是专为建筑信息模型(BIM)构建的,可帮助建筑设计师设计、建造和维护质量更好、能效更高的建筑。AutodeskRevit作为一种应用程序提供,它结合了AutodeskRevit Architecture、AutodeskRevit MEP和AutodeskRevit Structure软件的功能。

Autodesk Revit Architecture建筑信息模型软件能够帮助建筑师和设计师自由地进行设计,提高信息的协调性和工作效率。基于环境的选项板卡经过改进减少了选项板卡开关的数量,并将工具放置在一致的位置。用户现在能够调整快速访问工具栏上的工具顺序。借助Revit Architecture,您可以不受软件束缚,自由设计建筑。在您想要的任何视图中工作,在各个设计阶段都可以修改设计,快速、轻松地对主要的设计元素做出变更。您甚至可以在设计的晚期做出变更,而无需担忧如何协调您的平面图、明细表和施工图纸。 Revit® Architecture软件专为建筑信息模型(BIM)而开发,可以帮助您惬意地工作,自由地设计,高效地完成作品。AutodeskRevit Architecture建筑设计软件可以按照建筑师和设计师的思考方式进行设计,因此,您可以开发更高质量、更加精确的建筑设计。专为建筑信息模型而设计的AutodeskRevit Architecture,能够帮助您捕捉和分析早期设计构思,并能够从设计、文档到施工的整个流程中更精确地保持您的设计理念。利用包括丰富信息的模型来支持可持续性设计、施工规划与构造设计,帮助您做出更加明智的决策。自动更新可以确保您的设计与文档的一致性与可靠性。

This is the second installment of my professional Revit training series focused on using Revit for residential architecture.
Volume I covered all the basics to get you started and working efficiently. Volume II will bring you to the next level by helping you with the Revit tasks you do every day…existing conditions, schematic design, demo plans, construction documents and more! See below for the full course outline.
50 videos totaling 5.5 hours of lessons and the project template are available now!
You Get:
50 video tutorials covering basic through advanced skills and best practices you need to model a project from existing conditions through construction documents.
Direct email access with instructor. I’ll answer your questions about the course content.
You’ll Learn:
How to model property line data and orient your project to true north
How to model topography from a survey and from your own field measurements
Best practices for modeling a house based on sketches from another architect and from your own field measure notes
How to create your own project template from scratch or from an existing project
How to set up phases and create existing, demo and new construction plans
How to create a custom keynote family and schedules to automatically display the keynotes
How to set up and use worksets and a central model
Best practices for using Revit during Schematic Design
How to use Design Options
How to use Revit keynotes or create your own custom keynote family with a corresponding schedule
tons more, see the course outline below
Is This for Beginners?
No! You need to already know Revit fundamentals to take this course. I’m not saying you need to sign up for Volume I, just that you need to be able to do everything I teach there That means you need to understand how to: create and organize views and sheets, model walls, doors, windows, roofs, etc. create dimensions, text styles, basic schedules and drafting views. You need to understand levels and how to create plans, sections and elevations. Basically, if you have done one project in Revit, you will be ok to take this course.

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